Want to get a chameleon but aren’t sure which species to start out with? This is the video for you.

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Chameleon supply shopping list:
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Top 5 videos for new keepers playlist:
Veiled chameleon care playlist:
Panther chameleon care playlist:

Other resources on how to take care of Veiled and Panther chameleons:

Chameleon shopping list:
Reptibreeze XL:
ArcadiaProT5 T5 36” bulb and fixture:
T5 24” UVB fixture: & Reptisun T5 5.0 bulb:
Zilla 8.5” heat bulb fixture:
Exo Terra 60W heat bulb 4-pack:
Arcadia Jungle Dawn 34W LED bar:
Temperature gun:
Digital hygrometer:
Dual outlet timer:
Calcium without D3:
Calcium with D3:
Reptivite without D3:
Fogger (optional):
Food cups:
MistKing Starter misting system v4:
MistKing dual nozzle:
MistKing screen top wedge:
Solar meter 6.5:
Solar meter 6.5R:

Recommended breeders:
How to set up a laying bin:
What size cage does a chameleon need:
What temperatures & heat bulb does a chameleon need:
How to weigh a chameleon:
How to set up a laying bin for a female chameleon:
How much does a chameleon cost:
How to handle and tame a chameleon:
How to water a chameleon:

Recommended chameleon care sheets:

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