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We all want to give our cats the happiest life possible, and the more we know about cats and their needs, the happier we can make them. In Purr: The Science of Making Your Cat Happy, Zazie Todd, Phd, the creator of the Companion Animal Psychology blog, offers advice for cat parents for every stage of a cat’s life, backed by science.

The book covers how to

  • Enrich your cat’s life through play and exercise.
  • Reduce anxiety and fear around your absence, visitors, and trips to the vet.
  • Train your kitten or cat without causing harm (i.e. don’t use a spray bottle!)
  • Provide for special needs.
  • Make senior cats comfortable

Dr. Todd doesn’t just address cats’ physical and environmental needs, but also their emotional needs. As Pam Johnson-Bennett writes in her foreword, “this is where science meets the heart.” This book is not an easy read, but it is chock full of fantastic information, making it well worth your time, even for experienced cat parents.

Purr: The Science of Making Your Cat Happy is available from Amazon.


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