We are opening some of the parcels we’ve received from followers and supporters during lunchtime so that the doggies can help us and so that we can share with you all and say a really big thank you.

Today we opened parcels from Trudy and Jonathan in Queensland Australia, a parcel from New York and two boxes from Phillip in New Mexico.

Phillip is a veteran pilot from the US Navy and has written to us before. He says that he loves to send the doggies toys and watch them enjoy them. He has also sent some lovely gifts for the kids. Thank you very much Phillip. The doggies were ecstatic to open the boxes. Bandit was especially excited. He even got his very own bag of toys. There were squeaky pigs and Franky’s favourite squeaky balls. Freddo thought it was Christmas and Etta simply wanted a Luke hug.

Everyone had a wonderful afternoon. Thank you so very much.

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